Password Guidelines

Your password or pass phrase must conform to the following rules:

  • It must meet complexity requirements, based on password length:
    • 8-11: mixed case letters, numbers, & symbols
    • 12-15: mixed case letters & numbers
    • 16-19: mixed case letters
    • 20+: no restrictions
  • It must not be equal to your current password, previous passwords, SUNet ID, or password reset answer.
  • It must not be a single word that appears in the dictionary (English or non-English).
  • It must be composed only of characters in the Roman alphabet, numbers, or symbols on the US keyboard. Examples include characters such as # $ % ! @.

If you have trouble remembering a longer password, write it down on a piece of paper, put the paper in your wallet and use the same caution with it as you would with a credit card. Once you remember the password easily, shred the paper.

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